Too Hot!

June 29, 2021

Hello heatwave survivors!

We made it through! Woof. That was rough. It feels like a dream. Over the past few days Andy and I kept saying that we couldn't remember a time when it wasn't ridiculously hot, and on this lovely cool morning I can now hardly recall the heat. Seasonal amnesia...but make it climate amnesia. I think we may suffer a bit from this type of amnesia, and it may be one of the many reasons why it's seemingly so difficult to unite against our climate crisis. For now, I'll keep sequestering carbon in the soil on our farm if you keep shopping locally and eating seasonally.

I'm headed to my old stomping grounds, Colorado, on Thursday for a girls weekend. A bachelorette type celebration minus the debauchery. (I think!) Did you know Andy and I are getting married in August? Very exciting! Very crazy! So much is happening! This means I'll be leaving the farm in Andy's gracious and caring hands for the weekend. He'll be packing orders for Friday and it's his cute face you'll see at market on Saturday. We'll have a smaller harvest this week to make it a bit easier, but there's still lots to enjoy!

This week's harvest:

  • kale
  • collards
  • salad mix
  • head lettuce
  • radishes
  • hakurei turnips
  • sprouting broccoli
  • sugar snap peas Where you can find us:

  • Farmstand: 43 Black Diamond Rd. Sunday-Wednesday. Dawn-Dusk. Honor System: cash, paypal, venmo, check.

  • ​Online Shop: open now until Friday at noon. No delivery this week.

  • Port Angeles Farmers Market. Saturday, 10-2. Downtown Transit Center I'll see you when I return!

all the best from our tiny farm,