Hidden Penny Farm Is Headed to Market!

June 3, 2021

Hello friends of Hidden Penny Farm!

I think that this may be my first official newsletter of the 2021 growing season...maybe I've forgotten one, but I'm officially calling this the first! Thanks for joining our email list where you get to know what we're harvesting and where you can get it, and you can read stories and ponderings from the farm.

First, the food!

This week we have:

French Breakfast Radishes, Cherry Bell Radishes, hakurei turnips, salad mix, Braising Bouquets (made with collards, lacinato kale, and curly kale), sprouting broccoli bundles, spring onions (so amazingly tender, try them on the grill, I promise you will love them!), cilantro, dill, parsley, lemon verbena, garlic scapes, and paper wrapped flower bouquets.

You can find us:

at the Port Angeles Farmers Market, Downtown Transit Center, Saturday 10-2


It's already June...where is all the food? I spend more time than I'd like to admit wondering where all the food is. You would think that I could just walk up and down the rows and see it with my eyes, but there is a strange trick that the doubt of a young farmer plays on said young farmer. Doubt and worry makes a farmer blind to the abundance around her! Despite months of work, doubt makes a farmer look at her fields and see nothing but...nothing!

This week I decided that 2021 is the season I will stop worrying! I planted the seeds. I plant them almost every day. In the winter I made a planting schedule. I follow the schedule. I must trust! I must trust myself. I must trust the schedule. I must trust the seeds. I plant and I wait and I trust that they will grow. It's working so far; I am less worried, but it's only been a few days...

The other practice that I use to combat "young farmer doubt" is to find a place on the farm where I can see and feel abundance. The greenhouse is a good place to do that because the young and tender plants are so safe and happy in there (well, except for the ones that were dug up by mice, but MOST of them are safe and happy :). The other place that I've been feeling abundance is in between the rows of peas. Oh the joy of the peas! They are so lush, so tall, and they create a corridor that you can tuck yourself away in. You know, children and animals love the sensation of hiding out in secret spaces. Adults love it too, I'm sure, we just don't indulge that often. I indulge in the sensation of secret seclusion plopped down right between the rows of peas. Maybe you can find a secret nook to tuck yourself into this weekend? Perhaps you could nibble on a radish in your hiding spot?

I'll leave you with that. I'm happy to be writing again. You know, I spent the whole winter writing! It's harder now; I'm so busy! Farming takes a lot of time, its truly a good thing that I love it so much.

See you at the market!

all the best from our tiny farm,

Melissa (Andy says hi!)