Hidden Penny Is Headed to a Farmers Market Near You! (If You Live in Port Angeles)

Friday, May 29, 2020

Hello dear email subscribers!

I apologize for this late newsletter. Today was a crazy day of harvesting and irrigating while the morning was cool, weeding while the sun was high and hot, and spraying fish emulsion until just a few moments ago. I sit here; tired, sunburned, and smelling of fish. Yuck, but so satisfied.

This will be a quick one, because as you know if you follow me on instagram, I like to have fun on Friday nights. Usually my Friday night fun entails watering seedlings, building new garden beds, or tucking last minute rows of seeds into the soil. However! This Friday night I plan on making Kale Sauce with Any Noodle (wonderful name) from the Six Seasons cook book by Joshua McFadden. With, you heard it here first, kale from our very own Hidden Penny Farm!! Whoo hoo!!! You too can be a maker of this delicious meal if you come find us at the Port Angeles Farmers Market tomorrow. We'll be there, at the PA Transit Center, from 10-1, smiling beneath our masks, with gloved hands, and a lovely harvest to share with you. We're also going to spend this Friday night watching Fantastic Fungi, a movie I am so excited about finally seeing. Come chat with us about it tomorrow at the market!

Available at the market: Baby kale, radishes, hakurei salad turnips, and bok choy
Where you can find our veggies: Our farmstand at 43 Black Diamond Rd.; The Port Angeles Farmers Market: Saturdays, 10-1. Transit Center
What's on deck: Head lettuce (it's SO close), peas, and a yummy Asian green called tat soi.
What we're celebrating: Our new Jang push seeder which makes seeding long rows so easy, efficient, and fun! Homemade pasta all the time. Awesome spinach germination. These awesomely bright early mornings.

Thank you again. And don't forget, you get 20% your first purchase for being subscribes to this newsletter. So come claim what is rightfully yours!

All the best from our TINY (not tin) farm, Melissa and Andy