Bodacious Butterhead

June 11, 2021

Is there a vegetable sexier than butterhead lettuce? I can't think of one at the moment. Sorry, is that innapropriate? Maybe it is the mead talking...Andy and I just sampled the mead that we made way back in July, 2020. We took the gallon jugs down off the shelf, dusted them off, uncorked them, and threw a few back. (It was actually more like a few small sips.) Delicious!

If you were on our email list last year, you might remember when we made the mead. That feels like a long time ago! Tonight when we sampled the plum, raspberry, and blackberry fermented honey drink, I just got so excited for what is to come. Summer! The beautiful bounty of summer. And all the fruit and fresh food we could dream of! I hope you're as excited as I am.

This week's harvest:

Head lettuce, salad mix, collards, baby kale, radishes, hakurei turnips, beets, broccoli, and herb bundles. (There are limited amounts of a few of these items, so come early if there's something you really want.)

Where we'll be:

The Port Angeles Farmers Market. Downtown Transit Center, 10-2. Tomorrow we celebrate Pride on the Pier in Port Angeles! Don't you just love alliteration and radical inclusivity and celebration?! So come on down to the farmers market and begin the celebration there. Sisterland Farms is giving out a gift to anyone who comes dressed for the party!

Okay, I'll sign off here because it's pizza night at our house and we still have to caramelize the onions! All the love to all the lovers of fresh veggies, small farms, and thriving local economies!

best from our tiny farm,

melissa, andy, doggies, and the two new baby chicks