Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program But Better

September 9, 2021

hello good people and produce lovers!!

My, it is good to say HELLO and be back in the world of farming. Have you ever had a wedding in your backyard? Was it magical and euphoric and crazy and amazing and so full of love that you felt like you would burst for the entire week after the event? Yeah? Me too! I can honestly say that I have now experienced the best day of my life. I can also now honestly say that I'm addicted to the feeling and power of collective love! Andy and I have been in honeymoon brain (we haven't even left the farm; it's a state of mind) since last Saturday and we're ready to bring that love energy to the farm and our markets.

We have the most exciting news this week, so I will have to keep the wedding details, of which I could talk for hours, to a minimum. Come seek me out at the farmers market if you wanna chat. ;)

Exciting new Street Market!

This week we are joining up with our dear friends at Wild Edge farm to host a mid-week "Street Market". We are so, so excited about this new market that we're trying for the first time this week. Here are the details:

Where: At the corner of Whidby Ave. and Eunice St. in Port Angeles (right near the Boys and Girls Club)

When: Wednesday, August 18th, 7-8PM (or later if the party is rockin')

What to expect: A veggie and meat market with all the produce and meat you need to fulfill your nutritious and culinary desires. There will be games! And bubbles! And music! We are fully equipped to accept EBT and offer SNAP Market Match up to $40. You can also order ahead here to pick up on Wednesday at the street market. If you order for Wednesday pickup you can choose from a vast array of beef, pork, and veggie products from Wild Edge as well as Hidden Penny produce. We roasted a whole Wild Edge hog for our wedding, and it was the best pork I've ever had! (CSA members, you can order Wild Edge products with your account too! Wild Edge and I will settle up behind the scenes.)

We are dreaming of continuing to host this street market each Wednesday throughout the growing season. If you think that you live in or know of a good neighborhood that would love to see our Wednesday night market, let me know! We may just call this the "Traveling Street Market"

Regular, but always exciting news!

-Friday/Saturday Online Orders: You can still order online for Friday pickup at the farmstand or Saturday pickup at the Farmers Market. Just know that if you order for Friday or Saturday pickup, Wild Edge meat products are not available. You can only order those for our Wednesday market.

-We will also be at the Port Angeles Farmers Market. Saturday, 10-2. Downtown Transit Center.

-The Farmstand is temporarily CLOSED! We have officially run out of fridge space and until we build our new walk-in cooler, there unfortunately isn't anywhere to keep the harvest and farmstand offerings. However, if you email me, I can potentially set a special order aside for you in the farmstand fridge.

This Week's Harvest:

  • purple carrots
  • orange carrots
  • gold beets
  • red beets
  • large red heirloom slicers tomatoes
  • large yellow heirloom slicers tomatoes
  • stupice tomatoes
  • mixed cherry tomatoes
  • lacinato kale
  • curly kale
  • green beans
  • zucchini
  • red radishes
  • hakurei turnips
  • garlic
  • onions
  • yellow Shiro plums
  • baby celery Last, but not least, if you need some recipe inspiration: Andy and I received the cookbook Ruffage as a wedding gift from a dear friend and farmer back east. Last night we made the baked stuffed tomatoes. The heirlooms are the perfect huge size and juiciness to be emptied and then stuffed with anything delicious. The recipe we followed called for lentils, onions, paprika, and tons of goat cheese. Top with bread crumbs. 350 degrees for 20 minutes, and, chef's kiss, delicious!

Here is a sad photo that does not at all convey how scrumptious this meal was:

​ ​

And that's all! If you have any questions, just send me an email. I'm always happy to clarify and walk people through the online ordering process!

all the best from our tiny farm,

mrs. melissa and mr. andy <3